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Hay for Sale

Picked up at our farm or delivered to your farm, our quality hay products are just what your horses, cattle or other animals need!

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Compressed Hay

At Heidel Hollow Farm, we specialized in Compressed Hay.  Our compressed bales weigh roughly 35 pounds, and are stacked 40 bales per pallet for easy delivery and transport.  These bales have the same volume of hay as a regular bale, just in a much smaller size.

Big Bales

Our hay is processed in 3'x4'x8x bales, which are available for purchase here at the farm.  Individual bales weigh approximately 1,000 lbs, and can be loaded on your pickup truck.  These bales are weighed and charged by the pound.


Barley Straw

Barley Straw is a natural deterrent for algae growth in ponds.  Please visit out Online Store to see the barley straw products we have available!

Price List

Our hay prices change frequently due to supply, demand, and availability.  Please check back often, or send us an email for the most recent price changes.

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Garden Straw/Mulch Straw

Heidel Hollow Farm is a  distributor of Superior Straw Bedding and Superior Straw Mulch, an innovative, dust-free product.  This pre-chopped Straw is great for gardens, animals, or grass seeding.

We also sell standard Straw bales, as well as Double-Compressed Straw.  Ask us today which product would best suit your needs! 

Hay for Sale: Products
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