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What do you grow?

Heidel Hollow Farm grows hay and grains. Hay products available are a double compressed bale, a Hydration Hay brick, and 3'x4'x8' bales. 

 The farm also has a hog facility managed by son Travis. The hog facility receives 2100 head of 50 lb. feeder pigs and in 16 weeks ships out 275 lb. finished hogs. This occurs 3 times a year, producing over 1.5 million lbs. of pork per year.

Michael Fink also grows 140 acres of sweet corn, 325 acres of pumpkins, tomatoes and hard squash. Mike Fink’s produce is available at the farm, and his roadside market, The Water Wheel, on Route 309, New Tripoli.  Michael also sells his produce wholesale to local grocery stores and produce distributors.

What size are your hay bales?

All of our hay is baled in 3'x4'x8' bales, which weigh about 1,000 pounds.  We then use a process called Double Compression to cut down those bales, run them through a hydraulic press, and tie them into much smaller, more compact bales.  Each bale measures approximately 9"x11"x20" and weighs roughly 35 pounds. Then we stack 40 of those compressed bales on a pallet and wrap them with breatheable shrink wrap, so the pallet can be loaded right on the back of your pickup truck.  At the farm, we sell both the compressed bales and the big bales to our customers, based on their need.

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