Heidel Hollow Farm, Inc.

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A Farm Family Dedicated to Producing Quality Hay Products

Heidel Hollow Farm. Inc., located in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, has been producing quality hays for the horse, livestock, and exotic animal market for over 50 years. The hay is baled in a 3' x 4' x 8' big bale in the field.

Through our Steffen compressing system, we are able to double compress and package into a 35 lb. domestic bale and a 75 pound export bale. We have been exporting our hay overseas since 1974 through the east coast ports.

Barley Straw

The natural method to help reduce
algae in ponds without chemicals.

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Hay for Sale

Quality Hay for all Animals
Domestic and Export

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Compressed Hay

Reduced storage space, easy to
transport, easy to feed.

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A Family Owned & Operated Business

David Fink

President & General Manager

Sonia Fink

Chief Financial Officer

Travis Fink

Hog Manager
Distribution Manager

Michael Fink

Field Crop Manager